Student insurance

What is the Accidents Student Insurance?

The Accidents Student Insurance is designed to cover accidents that students may suffer within the school facilities, or in transit from home to school or vice versa; he or she can be assisted in any private clinic and the accident-related expenses, according to the maximum amount insured, may be refunded.

Which company was hired by Colegio Arjí to provide the accidents school insurance service?

Seguros Inbursa, S.A.

Who is Seguros Inbursa, S.A.?

It's the most important insurances company at an international level, with AAA recognition.

Who will pay me?

Seguros Inbursa, S.A.

What should I do if my child has an accident?

  • Go to the clinic of your preference so that specialist doctors can assist your child and get the necessary exams that your child may require.
  • Request invoices of every service, in the name of the parent or guardian.
  • These invoices must be accompanied by two formats that will be provided to you in the School's Administration Office: An Accident Notice (filled by parent or guardian, signed and sealed by the school), A Medical Declaration (filled by the attending physician).

How much is the maximum amount insured?

$30,000 MXN per event.

Do I have to cover any deductible?

Yes. The insurance has a deductible of $500 MXN every time you use it.

Who can give me more information?

Pre-hospital Medical Assistance Service

We offer the service of a permanent paramedic in our facilities, in order to assist your child immediately in any event that may occur. In this way, we offer our students:

  • First aid services
  • Certified paramedic staff
  • Pre-hospital equipment
  • Ambulance transportation if necessary
  • Safe and efficient transportation to the hospital of your choice

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