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The achievement of children’s harmonic development in the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and aesthetic dimensions, in order to help them become active inquirers and assume and attitude of learning for life.

Arjí / IB Programmes

The Primary Years Programme Methodology of International Baccalaureate (IB) applied to:

  • Spanish
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Bilingual Programme (English)
  • Physical Education and Sports
  • Human Development
  • Songs and Games
  • Neuromotor Gym
  • Tech-Innovation
  • Library and film collection
  • Habilmind. Development of Thinking Abilities (DHP)
  • Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS)


This area is focused on collaborating with teachers and parents from the approach of child psychology with the objective of fully developing the teaching-learning process and achieving a comprehensive development.

School hours

Regular schedule: 7:45 – 13:00 hrs.
Time extension (Yoga, Music, Robotics, Football, Basketball, Dancing, Development of Thinking Abilities): 13:00 - 14:00 hrs.


testimonio luz leon

“I have seen how the school has grown up: with order and care and without any doubt, excellent for serving the community. Today, from my 13 grandchildren, 12 attend this school. So in my case, there’s no doubt”.

Luz León de Gutiérrez

Former mother and current grandmother

testimonio miriam perez

“I always felt my daughter was going to finish school very well prepared, and so it was. She studied here since kinder I to 3rd grade of High School where she obtained strong foundations and an excellent preparation. I loved that she never had another option in his mind, since her daughter was going to kindergarten, she said: “My kid is going to Arjí, I'm a former student, it is the best school”.

Miriam Pérez Jiménez

Former teacher / Mother/ Grandmother

testimonio carolina barcenas

“I'm a former Arjí student and I'm currently a teacher. For me, this school means family, because it’s my past, my present and my future. When I started my University courses I realised that the level I finished with is very high, we get to be very well prepared”.

Carolina Bárcenas Santana

Former student / Teacher / Mother

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